Core competitiveness


Core competitiveness
1¡¢Advantage of scale
   Largest Trichlorosilane production enterprise in china.

2¡¢Adwantage for raw material supply
   Chlorine hydride(raw material)used for Trichulorosilane is byproduced in potassium hydroxide workshop.
   High-purity potassium chloride imported from Germany.
3¡¢Advantage for technology
   It was successfully certified as Hebei Hi-tech Enterprise in 2011,along with 15 practical patents.

   It has designed and successfully set up the first set of large-scale trichlorosilane synthesis system(under pressure),which has changed national trichlorosilane synthesis under synthesis technique at normal pressure,and has broken through bottleneck for product capacity due to large equipment volume in tradition.Such success has laid solid foundation to keep the company reliable, low-consumption (for energy) and high-efficient production.
   It first completely handled tail-gas from Trichlorosilane production,entered loop circulation for Trichlorosilane production,and optimally reduced production cost and met requirement for environmental protection,and successfully separated from byproduct(hydrogen gas).
   The company self-designed Trichlorosilane boiling bed as well.Its conversion ratio improves from 85% to 93%(for traditional technique),which stays lead in the industry.

   Potassium hydroxide imported ion exchange membrane cell electrolysis slot(with high-resistance natural circulation re-polarization)from Japan,and imported technology and equipment for evaporation,condensation and package from ltaly,which ranked leading international level.
4¡¢Advantage for product
   Over 99.99% purity for Trichlorosilane meets demand for different poly silicon industries at home and abroad.
   Potassium hydroxide with 48% liquid and 90% flakes meet demand of different areas and users.

5¡¢Advantage for customer 
    Team led by this company id undertaking international trade for many years.It hold rich experience in trade.In the meantime,it has deployed dynamic monitoring point in international market to make real-time understanding of demand from international markets,so this won decisive opportunity for product to export into international market.  
6¡¢Advantage for transportation
    Tangshan Sunfar Transportation Co.,  a professional Transportation Trucking Company according to policies,laws and codes in dangerous chemical transportation.Transportation truck is used for special purpose.This also prevents secondary pollution for product by vehicle while handling issues for safety and efficiency.

7¡¢Unique enterprise culture
    Ceaseless self-improvement and Keeping up with the times becomes theme for development in Tangshan Sunfar Silicon industries Co.,Ltd.It insists on guideline (assign technician to foreign country and introduce technology into china)and assign technician to study abroad,further study special topic,visit and study,and watch and study on site to further develop education and training,seek quality and focus on efficiency.It calls for each superior and employee to seriously do his deed and behavior and permanently insists on perseverance for leap development.